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One who will contact an attractive male or female friend on face book within the first few weeks of the victim's relationship status change from "In A Relationship with..." to "Single" ... Classy Facebook Vultures will usually make first contact through the private messaging service as to avoid a high creepiness rating from the public while the less skilled will post on your wall. These wall posts usually have a reference to an inside joke from the past.
Whoa... Check it out! Anna-Lu just broke up with Chris! I bet if i'm the first person to post on her wall she'll wanna hang out and be all vulnerable and make out with me! -Male Facebook Vulture

O M G Todd and Becky just split up! I'm gonna write on Todd's wall so when he gets his hot sweaty dick online he'll know i care about him!! - Female Facebook Vulture
by Po7zer August 24, 2008
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A person(s), usually one of your friends, who goes onto your Facebook after forgetting to log out and abuses the "add friend" button on a lot of random people. Alcohol may be a factor in some of these cases, and depending on the severity, the damage may be irreversible.

Besides adding random people the friend(s) may also "like" unwanted fan pages (Mike the Situation, Adam Lambert, etc.), send inappropriate inbox messages to the opposite sex, make self-degrading status updates, fool around on Facebook chat, and change relationship status.

Symptoms of a Facebook Vulture attack include many notifications, inbox messages entitled "do I know you?" or "What the fuck?". One may commence in the the speedy canceling of friend requests, status updates, fan pages, etc, in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain, however the damage is already done.
My Facebook the next morning after a party: You have 50 notifications. Brent likes your status: "I shit the bed!" 10 unread inbox messages: "Do I know you?" "Who the fuck's this?" "Facebook Vulture attack?" (Ok maybe that last one was a lie, but I'm hoping the word catches on) Megan likes your status: "I <3 the Hanson brothers!"
by SKYYGUYY January 11, 2011
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facebook vulture

1. A fun, but sad, condition of someone who waits for people to post topics of interest and then swoops in only to start a topic debate.

2. Someone who has patiently spent the time and effort to bake scrod on facebook.
Cody is such a facebook vulture. Today's prey was the Obama education speech and he swooped and started a long debate.
by GibbyP September 09, 2009
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