The ridiculous which ensues after people don't "accept" friendship requests or "delete" friends over stupid reasons. Those who violently pursue an extended social acceptance and/or are upset when people don't care they go fucking mental, for really no decent reason at all.
John: "Hey bro, my girlfriend's mad. She said it's cuz you didn't accept her as a friend on facebook."

Jan: "But I don't really like her. She's a huge bitch, no offense. Why the hell would I add her; to see all my shit?"

John: "But she won't blow me till you add her."

Jan: "Fuck this shit: facebook politics."

^^ Facebook politics. Ruin everything.
by uwengineer October 14, 2010
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Occurs when there is an election in the near future, and everyone uses facebook to describe their political allegiances and affiliations. Usually results in many chatting bullshit and things they read from Wikipedia.
Man 1: Oh My God, a conservative government would be awful.
Man 2: Why?!
Man 1: Err......Thatcher?
Man 2: Fucking Facebook Politics

Man 1: No way! Obama is such a communist!
Man 2: Do you know what a communist is?
Man 1: Isn't it like a Nazi?
Man 2: Pff...Facebook Politics
by Josh the Shweff May 5, 2010
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Keeping an old acquaintance or colleague whom you dislike as a Facebook friend in an effort to appear polite.
Person 1: I can't believe Jim is still friends with his crazy-bitch ex!!

Person 2: He isn't, he's just being Facebook polite.
by Spam180 July 21, 2013
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