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The ridiculous which ensues after people don't "accept" friendship requests or "delete" friends over stupid reasons. Those who violently pursue an extended social acceptance and/or are upset when people don't care they go fucking mental, for really no decent reason at all.
John: "Hey bro, my girlfriend's mad. She said it's cuz you didn't accept her as a friend on facebook."

Jan: "But I don't really like her. She's a huge bitch, no offense. Why the hell would I add her; to see all my shit?"

John: "But she won't blow me till you add her."

Jan: "Fuck this shit: facebook politics."

^^ Facebook politics. Ruin everything.
by uwengineer October 14, 2010
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To score; to wheel; to get some.

To "be there" means to get laid.

Other forms include "was there" or "were you there?", meaning the individual in question "had some".
David: "Dude, she's got her eyes on you. Be there."

Johnny: "Yo, I saw you and Stacey last night. Were you 'there'?"
by uwengineer August 6, 2010
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