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A poser jackass who posts stuff on facebook just for likes or any form of attention eg " its a beautiful day, hope everyone's enjoying the weather". Will also post anything pretending to lead a glamorous, fun filled, extensively traveled life with a prestigious job. In reality, he's just a blue collar, hourly paid, loser who spends all his time on facebook lurking and stalking. He lives in bumfuck America, but uses foreign phrases and spelling hoping people will think that he spends so much time abroad he's forgotten the American ways. He joins pages of professional organizations and the like, when in reality he holds no real degree or professional license of any sort. Will have hundreds of friends usually of the opposite sex but has never spoken or communicated with them. Will use other people's friends lists to shop for friends of the opposite sex. His friends list looks like it's a mail order bride catalog or listings from Back Page because those are usually the only type of people who accept his friend requests. Spends hours tagging other's pix but has none of his own (because it would reveal his true lame ass life). Posts updates about going to the gym, but is a lard ass who looks like he's never set foot in one. On the whole, he's someone you immediately regret friending. A true douche bag fraud.
Did you see the latest post by the Facebook fuktwat? Evidently he thinks " American gyms are shite. Full stop!". What a stalker douchebag!
by Fuktwathater April 11, 2015
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