The cringeworthy action someone takes when they believe their life is cooler than it really is.
Leah:"Yeah, I was really digging that guy"

Rae:"What happend?!"

Leah:"Facebook Live.."

by Rae$ December 29, 2016
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A feature on Facebook that allows users to live stream what they're doing at that moment. Typically used to stream events, games, vacations, etc., but nowadays people use it to stream something lame like what they're eating for dinner, what they're watching on Netflix, or a million other things we could care less about.
Seriously, if you're gonna use Facebook live, at least show us something worthwhile like your overseas trip or something. Nobody cares what goes on in your day to day life.
by Krackerjacksnacks July 16, 2017
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Living a fake life on facebook. Making up lies in order to be appear to be something you arent.
His status said he's been at the gym everyday for the past five months, but he looks like he's only gone five times. Must be Facebook Living
by Kobay Bryant April 27, 2011
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Livestreaming while committing a heinous crime such as a mass shooting.
I left work because one of the guys in the warehouse looked like he'd pop the trunk and go Facebook Live.
by Professor Fatbot May 22, 2022
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Frequently updating your status update with commentary about a live event. Akin to "live blogging".
I'm live facebooking the Olympics.
by dirty microphone February 13, 2010
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