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A person who starts fights over facebook but then in person acts like all is well.
Everyone gonna feel the need to say sum'n but can't speak up whenever you face em thats what you call a facebook gangster
by E White & RichieT August 17, 2011
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A suburban teenager who identifies with the urban hip hop culture, but doesn't have any idea what an underprivileged life is. They listen to hip hop, wear their pants way below their waist, and act like the "man's keeping them down" while they watch their 42" flat screen TV's, attend private school, text constantly on their iPhones and spend hours on Facebook sharing their plight with other e-gansters.
Parent's Text: Almost home, did you finish your homework?

Response: OMG, wifi down for 20 mins tonight. Fix it. Cant live this way. Couldn't watch Snoop's new youtube. Almost had to go to coffee bean.

Parent's Text: You poor thing, how can we raise you under such circumstances? I'll be home soon. Do you need a latte from Starbucks, or are you still a Facebook Gangster?
by Russell H January 31, 2011
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A person who uses facebook to send lots of messages to his/her facebook friends.

A person who continuously messages others on facebook.

A person who is addicted to messaging others on facebook.

A person that calls out others on facebook, by either posting on others' walls or by sending them private messages.
Dude, I was facebook gangstering these girls on facebook.

You're a facebook gangster.
by toonchoon September 12, 2010
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A fag who thinks he's cool because his profile picture has the color changed to like black and white or it's faded. can also be a girl too, with the pro pic having shit on it like "sexiii!!" when really they're ugly and have no friends. These so called "gangsters" are the lowest form of gangsters next to Justin Beiber fans and they start "facebook beef". Wow really makes you think when they are ever going to get a life instead of having 20 pictures of them with their shirt off in the bathroom (guys) or pictures of girls looking into the camera with a awkward the bathroom
Ex. jim - "dude look this guy has like all the girls from our school posting on his wall stuff like hey i rate you and whats sups"
ken - "so that doesnt mean shit hes a facebook gangster and these girls all rate him 10 on questions like would i date you or have i ever like you because he flirts with those girls who look nice but have ugly faces in reality
jim - "oh yeaa your right this guy has no life and/or friends he just has facebook "friends"
by kevinonurban May 30, 2011
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a guy who plays mafia wars all day long like he is Tony Soprano's long lost cousin. In reality he is a a tall, skinny, computer geek with glasses like McLovin from Superbad, who is calling the shots from his mother's spare bedroom.
The facebook gangster has been hanging low for a while becuase my mom put net nanny on my desktop.
by danfunnyman June 30, 2010
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A person who acts tough on Facebook but would never confront you or say the same nasty comments to your face because they are too chicken to be real with you in person versus hiding like a pussy behind the computer screen.
Facebook Gangster / Everyone knows one!
by Pawitchywoman November 15, 2013
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