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N. Someone who insists that your birthday is on a different day of the year than you were born on because they got the notification from Facebook (usually after somebody changed your birthday as a joke).
(After Mike's brother borrowed his iPhone for a few minutes.)
Facebook: "Thank you for your profile update."
Facebook: "January 12 is your birthday."
Facebook: "You are now friends with Rush Limbaugh. You share this friend with 2 of your friends."
Facebook: "1 of your friends has a birthday today, Rush Limbaugh."
Facebook profile: "Mike was born in Tanzania. Mike is the ugly twin of Rush Limbaugh."
Facebook: "27 friends have wished you a happy birthday."
Mike: "I'm going to kill my brother."
Dad: "Happy Birthday Mike. You are a good son. And I'm glad to see you have given up that liberal stuff."
Mike: "It's not my birthday, my account was hacked!"
Dad: "Don't lie to your own family son."
Mom: "You don't have to hide who you are. We still love you."
Mike: "Dad doesn't surprise me really, but I can't believe you're going Facebirther on me too Mom! You were there when I was born! We have home movies!"
Dad: "If accepting the truth makes us Facebirthers, then so be it Son. Films can be faked, but the internet can't."
Mom: "We must have adopted you. I drank a lot after your brother was born."
Brother: "Ha-ha! Happy Birthday Barack Limbaughma."
by Maddie B March 04, 2012
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