A heavy metal solo that is so awesome and powerful, it causes one's face to melt.
-Man, that solo from Master of Puppets is sucha face melter.

-Bust a face melter!
by Teknofreak642 March 21, 2004
The effects of a heavy metal scream, so high pitched that your ear drums will explode and your eyes will liquify into nothing but white ooze.
Rob Halford: Vocalist for Judas Priest, his scream is a perfect example of a Face Melter...
by Eddie Riggs January 8, 2010
A term coined by players of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, almost always referring to a particular type of priest called a Shadow Priest. This 'spec' of priest, many players proclaim, is so powerful it can literally melt the face of an opponent.
zomg tht n00b priest face melter just kild meh. nerf priests.
by ItsTrueIveSeenIt July 12, 2006
A song that completely dominates one's life while high and reduces him/her to a reptilian state (ie. completely mindfucked); they are usually intense and intricate and have a penchant for turning brains to shit.
"Aggghhhhh! This song is melting my face!"
"I'm really bored, let's toke up and listen to some face melters."
by Rawrrrr May 2, 2007