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A beautiful fun loving girl.
She likes drawing and eating.
Usually helpful and wise beyond her years.
Some times a smart ass but never piss her off or offend her family, they will eat you alive. {And look good while doing it!}
She can sometimes be full of her self, but is usually the best.
Finding her is rare, so appreciate it!!!
Hey, did you see that chick?
Yeah, she was such a Fabiha!
I know right.
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A beautiful, gentle and caring girl. Very smart and fabulous.
Usually wise beyond her years. Her temper may flare, but she can be calm and collected at times. She might look like she's glaring all the time, but on the inside, she feels lonely.

She can be a wonderful leader, but at times, can feel socially awkward. Her personality is confusing, she is often misunderstood, but people can get used to it if they give her a chance.

Fabiha has a big heart for those she cares about, but her heart can be easily shattered since it's fragile.
On the other hand, she will respond coldly to those she has no interest in.
Any guy who fully catches her love and attention is considered one of the luckiest guys in the world. If he does not notice her, then he does not know what he's missing out on.

Don't insult or hurt her family or friends - she will kill you slowly and painfully, on the inside.
Person 1: You see that girl?
Person 2: Yeah bro, why?
Person 1: She's such a Fabiha.
by Cookies and Love November 29, 2015
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