Mom: Wanna come to thanksgiving dinner with us?
Me: who will be there?
Mom: Alex and your grandparents.
Me: FTSIO, bye.
by KittyLove8000 November 25, 2015
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FTSIO or ftsio stands for Fuck This Shit Im Out. It is commonly used when someone is angry.
by Rophatron November 27, 2016
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Fuck this shit, I'm out

Can be used when:

1. Shit gets real too quick
2. Shit's not getting real quick enough
3. Shit generally gets real
Ftsio (alright then)
Idk what the fuck just happened
But I don't really care
Imma get the fuck out of here
by Pawleene Pinkieshy July 22, 2016
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