Bob, is such a freek! He always keeps those stupid ketchup packets.
by Jonathan Young May 6, 2007
member ov blazin squad an a good mc
freek is in blazin an hes ok lookin
by donia November 9, 2003
A girl or slut that does freaky things all the time. She never can have enough sex. She can do every sex position imaginable and make up her own. Petey Pablo made a theme song for these women, Freek-a-Leek. They may also often have ghetto names.
Rodeesha is a Freek-a-Leek.
by TipsyMa4Lyfe June 7, 2004
Someone who is smells like haram sweat, hairy where it’s not meant to be hairy, and has a fuck boi personality, and has a hard time knowing what shower means.
A very freaky person/uncontrollably freaky.
Man, that slut is a Freek-A-Leek
by jadilockz February 9, 2010
a very freaky gurl that cant get enough
sex.she is also kinda a slut.she loves to fuck.and has a tongue ring.
a song by petey pablo call "freek-a-leek"
1.petey pablo:lets take some calls from the request line.caller #1.....
2.caller:ay man,...whats up.
This Dominique from shady oaks trailer park.
1.petey pablo:whats up dominique?
2.caller:i wanna hear that song from lil jon and petey pablo.
1.petey pablo:aight i got that comin up right for shout out the radio station that gave u what u wanted.
2.caller:double-u boom boom baby!
Gurl sings:How u like it daddy? and so on......
by #1. Freek-a-Leek July 16, 2004