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fresh peice of ass, used to define women that are extremly good looking or have a nice ass.
Jesse: check out that FPOA!
Dave: I bangana split that FPOA so long ago.
by dave kadden April 08, 2008
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(Fine Piece Of Ass)

Label used to point out a woman or (rarely) a man who has good-looking buttocks.
Check on the FPOA on her!


Check out that FPOA!
by Ryan Henderson September 14, 2005
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An acronym meaning Fine Piece of Ass. When a person is an F.P.O.A., they are hot, and/or sexy.
Girl 1 and Girl 2 at a club
Girl 1: Man that guy is hot!!
Girl 2: Yeah, he's an F.P.O.A.

Guy 1 and Guy 2 at a bar
Guy 1: Bro! Look at that chick! She's so sexy!
Guy 2: What an F.P.O.A.!
by TH3B0$$$$$$ July 07, 2011
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