Flavour Of The Month

a term that has come up to describe the new trend of starting a new character to play the latest over powered class due to expansions or improvements to that class from the latest patches (or Savages in short).
Nerf them damn over powered fotm Savage.

Just got killed by one of thouse fotom dw infils again :(
by Dark Age of Camelot December 12, 2003
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FOTM (which can be an abbreviation for Flavor Of The Month or Fandom Of The Month) is a term used to describe an internet community that has a sudden boost in interest, but dies as quickly as it starts

This is a phenomenon in recent fandom where they will commonly fizzle out in the few months that its source material is out, this can be due to an influx of people deemed as toxic by others joining the community, or just people generally becoming uninterested
A. Have you seen the fandom of that new show The Amazing Digital Circus?

B. Seems like a FOTM situation to me, I doubt its gonna last for very long
by NonsensexSeleverYaoi October 20, 2023
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The developers in Everquest nerfed Rangers, so they are no longer the FOTM.
by F14|\/|3x0|2 October 27, 2003
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Flop Of The Match
- Did the tree Fellaini play the match yesterday I barely saw him
- Yeah he was the FOTM
by Mr. Krabs. December 9, 2016
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