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A term generally used by skateboarders when they land a trick on their first attempt.
It can be used in any scenario, not necessarily just skateboarding. For example, you could land a water bottle flip and say "first try.”
"He just landed a tre flip FIRST TRYYYY!"
by danechris March 05, 2017
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In the context of Speedrunning, this is often said in a joking or sarcastic manner when a trick or other act takes more than one attempt.
Speedrunner: *Fails to make a jump four times, then finally succeeds in making the jump*
Speedrunner: Hey, first try!
by datSato July 24, 2018
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What dude perfect says they do it on the 1,567,843rd and 1/2 time
by Fillupduhrrr April 14, 2019
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