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the cutest person alive
also known as frances / fenis
is dating Claudia Sulewski

and they’re the cutest couple ever
has great songs
that make me cry
a music producer for himself and his sister Billie Eilish
I wish FINNEAS would open up in Madrid on September 3rd!
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by I love finneas May 31, 2019
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There still aren't many, but that doesn't stop them from doing everything. And doing it all better then you.

The name is not uncommon, just withheld. often times parents realize that their child could never accomplish that of a Finneas and is there for not deserving. If you DO meet one, it is required that you bow before them and lick the toes of each of their shoes. Don't worry, they are always well shined
Person A: Jesus christ. How is he so good at everything? I mean even his HAIR is perfect

Person B: Well he is a Finneas
by pherracide January 21, 2012
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