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Finicking - verb, pest tense: finicked
derived from: finicky

The behavior of swiping 'yes' to or liking everyone on a dating app in order to get matches, then after matching looking at their profile and un-matching immediately after because you're not interested.

A time consuming way to find out who's liked you on a dating app, but with the option of un-matching if you don't like them.
Ex. 1
Julie: How are you getting so many matches on Bumble Sarah?
Sarah: Oh, I've been finicking for weeks.

Ex. 2
Joe: Damn it! Not again...
Bill: What happened?
Joe: I just got a match notification, went to check her out, and when I went back to the matches screen, she fucking finicked on me!
by DatingCoachMattAdams June 23, 2017
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