To describe a very attractive, hot, sexy, young female who's apperance would lead you to believe that she would do anything sexual that you would ask of her
Look at that "Filthy Pig" coming in the door. Shes hot, I bet you she would eat her own ass, then mine.
by BLAKE LICHTY September 12, 2007
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A term used to describe misbehaved teenage boys who's mother has just got done going through menopause.
You three filthy pig bastards better cut the shit, or I'll bash this frying pan across your head.
by Imacdaddy April 6, 2006
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some one who is extremely obese not hygenically up to date and unshaven, ususally accompanied by the remains of food stuffs hanging on various places. Applies to both sexes.
the big rosy o'donell
by oren November 6, 2004
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