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Common abbreviation for "flight into known icing" among the aviation community and pilots.
by Dan Krueger February 23, 2009
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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a great person who is rad as fuck if you know a fiki never let them go
"Hey do you know Fiki?"
"Yeah! She is amazing!"
"I know she's the best!"
by coxynarry December 27, 2013
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A Legend among stories, it is said that one fiki is born every 2,000 years. The description of a Fiki is someone who will not take no for an answer during sexual relations. It is said that the Fiki is known to whip out their wang and tell a girl she has 3 seconds to get on it or else it is going back in the cage. Denying the Fiki will only bring more trouble and the penalty is a viscious skull fuck. To spot a Fiki isn't hard, they are someone who are known to take diggers in gym class or someone who might do a U-turn in oncoming traffic. The only protection from a Fiki once under his surveillance is suicide.
The girl just wasn't feeling it so Fiki took matters into his own hands and skull fucked the girl till she had whiplash.
by JJ Bridge September 20, 2006
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1) Noun: A fictional entry in an on-line wikipedia.
2) Noun: A fake word thrown into a conversation, in order to make listeners think the speaker is plugged in to some new source of slang.
I added the word fiki to the urban dictionary. It's like totally ficticious, but really should be a word, because making up new words keeps language from getting lame. I once made up a series of words, each one defined by another new word, to make a loop (circular definition). So it was a fiki-wiki-loop.
by Flyin' Brian April 20, 2006
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Pronounced as "Fee-key" or "Fi-key."

Mainly described as a bad thing, Fiki is a mysterious odor or "must" that is so stinky or disgusting that you cannot explain it in any way, so you would describe/say the odor or person is Fiki.
Guy 1: Oh God, what is that smell?!
Guy 2: It smells fiki, lets get outta here!
Girl 1: Gurl, you smell fiki!
Girl 2: I'm so embarrased! *runs off into distance*
by JustSomeRandomGuy05 March 03, 2014
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1.A mythical beast that can only reproduce asexually. This beast is therefore its own mother.

2.It is also George Lopez, meaning that George Lopez is the mother of fiki.

3.Fiki is also a Rock.

4. Fiki is in fact Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

5.Fiki is also a computer.

6.Fiki is also worshiped by Joseph, or by "The Jo", but this is only because Fiki is "The Rock". look up Joseph for more information.
1. I saw the fiki last night, though I know its only a legend, I'm sure I saw it.

2. Fiki is doing a show in L.A. today.

3. Don't throw that fiki at me!

4. Fiki was a really good wrestler.

5. My fiki is just going to slow.

6. Don't bring up fiki. You know how Jospeph gets about fiki.
by carninuz1 July 10, 2008
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