FFP stands for former fat person. FFP is a shared identity amongst all people that grew up or were formally "fat" at one point in there lives. You are only considered an FFP if you were bordering or considered obese or overweight according to the BMI scale. FFP identity can only be ascribed by other FFPs for people like to confuse "pudgy" phases with the lived experience of being a fat person on modern society.
"Water parks were triggering for me as a kid because I am an FFP."
by lowkey_vegan March 22, 2018
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'Fatal First Piss' the first toilet visit since you started drinking which is followed closely by that awful moment when you realise that you will be visiting the loo at least 5 times an hour for the rest of the night. Also known as breaking the seal.
guy 1: i really need to piss.
guy 2: ha! the ffp.

by sanguellalella November 13, 2006
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Future Fatty Potential..As in -shes young and she can eat anything she wants and NEVER exercise now but in a few years she's gonna blow up like the good year blimp...
Wow ol girl can EAT but have you seen her mother? Definite FFP!!
by smokefairy420 February 11, 2010
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Face Fucking Palm or Fucking Face Palm. An exaggerative form of the original 'Face Palm' coined by a Philadelphian in the late 20th century. Usually used to show disgust in one's actions, preference, or views.
"Meek Millz is the best rapper" - Jeremiah
"FFP..." - Derek

"What's wrong with child rape and murder? I cheer for them to get away in police chases" - Jeremiah
"FFP..." - Derek

by KaylasMan October 12, 2008
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Acronym for Fat Fucking Pig. Used to describe someone who calls themself a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), but has no redeeming qualities at all.
"She's not a BBW, she's an FFP!"
by Pontianak December 7, 2003
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Female Focal Point. A covert method of discussing your latest object of obsession with your buddies without drawing undue attention to your conversational topic or tipping off the ladies as to how hung up you are on someone you haven't started publicly pursuing yet. Originated in early-mid 90's Providence College dorm subculture.
What's the FFP doing? She's studying for exams tonight, then she's away next weekend on a road trip with Dave. I can't believe she's with that tool!
by cbjwthwm July 1, 2009
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acronym for 'fat fucking pig'
born from alternate lyrics to the Van Halen song 'Beautifil Girl' when drunk in a strip club at 2am...

Typically used to describe a girl that is slightly overweight and looks slutty or slightly dirty or dumpy. The type of girl that many guys would say that they would not do, but everyone knows that most guys would givel the chance.
All I need is a fat fucking pig beautiful girl.
Ah, yeah! Fat fucking pig Beautiful girl.
by Nick April 15, 2004
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