Fbds meaning fuck da bullshit
Hell nawl bro fuck da bullshit (Fdbs)
by Fdbs.vu July 28, 2016
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"Fuck Dat Bitch"

When there is a girl that has done you wrong or that you just don't like and someone brings up her name; this is what some people wont say, but everyone thinks in their head when someone says their name.

Also a song by Young Dro.
P1) Hey, have you seen that girl Jasmine that you hung out with in High school?
P2) Nah, Fuck Dat Bitch! She the hoe that stole my boyfriend from me senior year.

P1) hey you heard Young Dro's song FDB?
P2) Yeah, after Sasha cheated on me I been bumpin that ish in my car.
by Rich Homie Cam October 16, 2013
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FDB means "Fuck Dem Bitches." It's main use is to show one's disapproval of a group of bitches (women). This is not to be mistaken with "Fuck Dat Bitch," which is an alternate way to use FDB, which only applies to a single bitch (woman).

Mainly, if you are angry, upset or unhappy with a bitch or bitches, use this phrase to express yourself.
Guy 1: Dude, why haven't those girls shown up yet? We've been waiting for three hours.

Guy 2: Ya know what? FDB, man.

Guy 1: Yeah, fuck dem bitches, let's hit up some other ones.
by BCampo92 September 24, 2009
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F*ck#$g Douche Bag

No other explanation is needed.
That FDB gave me so many DFQs (Dumb F*ck#$g Queries).

What was that FDB thinking?
by Roboauditor on a Unicorn April 14, 2011
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Fair Dinkum Bargains

An Australian discount store.
I went to FDBs for BBQ Shapes and came back with a jumper.
by Luke D Lorenz January 20, 2004
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