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Fried Chicken Trolling Crew

A group of pathetic 20-30-somethings who fancy themselves organized trolls.

They admit/brag to trolling, right off the bat they fail hard.

This implies that they're a bunch of bored, tools who think trolling is just the neatest thing EVAR. so they all make cute little trolling t-shirts and all have a cool trolling clubhouse.

Kinda like suburban white guys who fancy themselves bikers.

They LOVE Youtube. Pretty much the moron capital of the Internet. If you want to scream nigger or fag at strangers, Youtube is THE place to be.

They LOVE Furries. So much so that they keep up to speed on their subculture more than furries do. It's creepy actually. Furries are odd enough but an obsessed furry stalker with a web cam and no one around to say "Dude, who gives a shit?" is even more frightening.

Instead of going after big targets. These hillbillies hit the same groups High Schoolers have already covered for a decade. Emo, Vampires, Otherkin, Furries, etc.

You know, all the shit we stopped giving a damn about once we left our parents' basements.

Basically I group of bored, arrogant ma-children rilin' up strangers for attention. It MIGHT be acceptable, if they were kids.

They're totally edgy and cool. They take pictures giving the finger, dude. You don't even know.
Ultraforge is a member of the FTCT, easily identified by the traditional "baseball cap and the wife-beater combo" he was married in. Like the other FCTC members, he spends his time between Nascar and Truck Pulls pissing off weirdos on Youtube.
by esper777 May 15, 2009
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Fried Chicken Trolling Crew

A now defunct group of faggots who brag about trolling YouTube as if they've accomplished something.

They haven't done one notable thing during their two years of being active and their vanity article on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica (which is mostly written by FCTC members) is a self admitted attempt at advertising their shitty group.

The FCTC claimed to troll furries disregard 50% of their membership was made up of furry trolls or spies. They also attempted to troll emos, Otherkin, Juggalos, etc.

An average FCTC member is around the age of 14 or 16 years old with the exception of one stereotypical 20 year old obese basement dweller and one 56 year old vlogger from Kentucky.

Most FCTC members are easy to spot due to their habit of putting the group's abbreviation in front of their names (I.e. FCTCExample) and including the word butthut in 95% of their sentences.

Their official website is a forums board on InvisionFree because none of its teenage members know how to register a domain, code HTML, or set up an IRC channel

They're shunned upon by such professional trolling organizations like the GNAA, Bantown, and PP4L.
Robert: Do you know the FCTC?
Jake: wat
by Achalel August 12, 2009
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Foocy Toocy

Fried Chicken Trolling Crew

Known to hack the accounts of furfags and sonicfags.
Damn, the FCTC hacked my youtube account agian because I was such a sonicfag. I need to stop jacking off to so much sonic hentai and possibly get laid.
by ^_____^ October 19, 2007
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the fried chicken trolling crew


also, some faggots who don't like to smoke
FCTC: yiff in hell lol

furfag: fuck off, fctc


random interbutt bystander: oh, how rad, now i know that the FCTC pwns all furfaggots and/or narutards on the net.
by dickshit December 01, 2007
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