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Rarley talked about FC Celebs are two girls, Ivy and Mish.

They go by multilple user names involving there name, but their mains are ivymariex and mishxmish. These girls claim that they know each other in real life, but that has yet been proved.

Ivy and another FC celeb, Alex (Mr_lip_rings) are also good friends, and are not afraid of PDA. If is unknown if these two had a relationship at any point. Alex's "No good boards. Anyone want to talk?" chat's always fail without Ivy, and he claims she is his good luck charm, and even has an account called "alexlovesivy" or some variation of that.

Mish is your typical scene girl, who wears her hair big, and has an IDGAF attitude. She is rarely seen on a board that Ivy does not come to, and vice versa. These girls popularity on the FC is rapidly increasing.
Mish and Ivy are two best friends, and fairly well known FC Celebs.
by Olisaurus. December 24, 2009
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The quirky people on Neopets who live on the Fan Clubs chat boards and are better known than every other normie on there.

To list a few:
Victoria Pennstate

Through other means, FC lurkers have come to recognize most of the users associated with Chat Groups, as well.

CG Celebs would be:
The FC Celeb Leesah had blue hair back when she was cool. :(
It is sad that CG's are this recognizable. :(
by l33sah September 30, 2009
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