The Fan Clubs board on Neopets.
It is a glorious cesspool of obsessed Jonas Brothers/Twilight fans (prime trolling/flaming ground), n00bs, scary stories boards, and (obviously) fan club boards. Typically, most of the threads over 5 pages turn into arguments. Consider yourself lucky if you have a long AND friendly conversation with someone on there.
The FC sucks and rocks at the same time.
by silverbrink August 24, 2009
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A term originaly used by Dance Dance Revolution players, meaning to "full combo" a difficult section, or the entire thing by not missing a single step. Recently, the term has been used by Guitar Hero players when they complete a difficult section in a song or a completely full combo the song by not missing a single note in the section or song.
Dance Dance Revolution fc
bystander: look at that crazy fat kid! he isnt missing a single step!

Guitar Hero fc
bystander: look at that PriestMLH! he isnt missing a single note!
by THEguitarhero December 30, 2008
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In Dance Dance Revolution, to "FC" a song is to score a "full combo"; that is, to not miss a single step.
I just FC'ed a Challenge level song! I'm awesome.
by Taylor Esformes April 3, 2004
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Friend crush. Someone you love, just don't want a romantic relationship with.
"I love my FC Michael! I want him at my wedding, just not in it."
by coinedfc October 4, 2016
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Short for "for christ's sake". Used in the same way as ffs., etc.
Josh: My new shoes got wet in the rain today fcs..
by Bringin88 August 26, 2009
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FCS: Friends Central School, an institution where gay catholics teach rich jews to be simple quakers. Located in Wynnewood on the Main Line of PA. About 2% of the FCS population are Christians, 5% are basketball recruits, and the rest are Jewish. To attend you must be a Democrat (Rebublicans not allowed).You must own at least 4 articles of Tiffany jewelry (boy or girl), anything burberry, and a BMW (or any car over 50,000). It is required of every student to have a drug problem, and/or go to rehab. It is also required that every teacher be gay. It is also common knowledge that the c/o 'O5 is ridiculously hot, no one can compare. If you are a student of this fine Quaker facility, feel free to add.
"my friend's prada bag was ripped at a 'take back your vagina rally', which is so FCS"
by Jizzy-Maxim October 15, 2004
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