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On Neopets, on the Fan Clubs section, there are many "famous" users.

A lot of them are jerks who think they know everything, or troll idiotic boards.
Some examples of FC Celebs/Regulars could be:

The Markinator(Mark): Always wins arguments, and noramally uses assumptions that never make sense, but the person whom he's arguing with it too stupid to noticed.

Hawk, The Grammar Patrol of the FC.

She correct's almost everyone's grammar, obviously, and comes up with witty replies for most everything. Most of the time, over-used.

Pic; that annoying girl who calls her-selfs "Queen" Pic. She supposedly "hacked" neopets, but no one actually belived her.

She is also a close friend of Dani's....

Rochelle: She tells You Wut.

Dani: Types like a complete moron, but makes good points in arguments. But sometimes, she comes up with the weirdest thing to say.

Hawkstar: She constantly comes up with crudly disgusting jokes, and makes boards about them. Has been frozen many, many times. But ALWAYS comes back.

She has also been accusesd of scamming people on the AC, but that's probably not true.

Sunao: That annoying scene Wanna-Be.
Always uses a black, bold, size 4, centered font.With the AngelPuss avatar.

Danielle/Lauren: Harry Potter obsessed teenager. Constantly being called "ester" by people, thanks to Dani.

Lukereguba: That annoying, smart alec, witty kid who's on Neopets literally 24/7.

Alex: Always made topic saying, "No good boards, Chat with me?" And always used the Gromutt Avatar, and a font that said, "Alex bby".

Power: A semi-popular Neoschooler.
by MRS.ANNOYING December 07, 2009

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