When you fbi someone, you ask many questions, probe, etc. In short, you kind of investigate someone's life because you are very curious about it.
Don't fbi me, ok? Man, I've been fed up with so many questions about my private life!
by Andycoe April 8, 2018
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A school for Those who want to work for the government
I want to go to a FBI school so bad
by 459395 March 9, 2022
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The FBI Might be watching me
My waifu: Senpai HARDER FASTER DEEPER.....

by Afriend_of Allison January 23, 2023
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Your FBI man, AKA man that always watches you, is a person who is working for the FBI.
Instead of stopping criminals he watches you all the time through your webcam, front phone camera, etc.
He kind of stalks you, but you can befriend you and most of the time you guys share the same feelings for things.
(P.S. he also knows your phone number)
The FBI man is constantly watching me.
by MasterOfShep February 27, 2018
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hackering fbi
hackering fbi
by hackering April 5, 2023
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Non directioner: how did you hack into airport camera’s and leak songs etc.

Directioners: we’re better then the FBI
by Harrystylesisdaddyasf March 17, 2020
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FBI as in the meaning of famous burglars ice cream (Shop)
I went to the FBI to get some ice cream
by ImSoFreakingDuMb June 25, 2020
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