Free Balling 4 Life

Free Balling is when a male does not wear underwear. His balls will be without any cover or support, and he would be "free balling".
Parodying the Tom Petty song "free falling":

...AND IM FREEEEEE (...Free ballin and Im free ballin...) FREE BALLIN!!! (...Ballin and Im Free Ballin...)...

FB4L its the only way to go.
by David Skeet Jr. October 14, 2008
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Acronym for:
F- fuck
B- buddies
4- for
L- life
"hey whats up with you and Brody? "
"we are FB4L's "

"what are u doing tonight? "
"My FB4L."
by brebabe March 25, 2009
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u are r eatrded.. and thats what it means
by Ihateu January 08, 2005
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