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A person who consumes more than 3000 calories per day, resulting in NO weightgain whatsoever. Someone whose metabolism can compensate for their immense eating habits, and still look good in hotpants.
Michael: I just had half a pizza, some cake, a packet of cheeto's, and a burger.

Tracey: Is that so far today ?

Michael: no just for lunch.

Tracey: You FATO.
by kimibee July 10, 2008
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A fat guy who doesnt ever get laid or attention from the sexy girl he likes, until he gets something she needs like concert tickets and he gets the slobbiest most spittiest blowjob from the girl who needs the tickets. The girl also swallows his kids for an extra ticket. Fat ugly man leaves happy.
fat-o:(Fat guy) Hey sexy.

(The sexiest girl in school) Eeeew! Get lost!

two days later

(Fat guy)Hey sexy. I got some tickets to the concert.

(The sexiest girl in school) Oh realy! U know i was kidding the other day.

3 hours later

Fat guy is getting sucked dry and having his babies get swallowed.
by Toney June 09, 2006
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