Oct 28 Word of the Day
a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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Meaning: Beautiful day

Soul Urge: People with the name Fanta have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

Expression: People with the name Fanta value community and balance, and are dependable and considerate. They often tend to gravitate to occupations where they can act as peacemakers or negotiators, or fulfill these roles among their friends and family. They tend to be conventional, responsible, family-oriented, warm and affectionate. They sometimes worry obsessively about those they care for. They work for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.
by blessing cole May 28, 2010
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a drink created by nazis during ww2 to keep the german soldiers fighting.
Nazi Soldier #1 :Hallo...geben sie mir ein fanta!
Nazi Soldier#2: Nicht ist es gut?
Nazi Soldier #1: Yah.
by Mr. Umbobadob. October 23, 2006
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The most fabulously fruity substance in the whole fucking world, endorsed by Barak Obama, he says that Fanta is 'sqeezed by god himself into the holy fountains of the fanta factory'. However it is argued to be the 'Piss of Satan' by celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Toby Maguire. But who cares cause they're dumb fucks who have no relevance to society and need to die.

Fants is arguably the best liquid substance known to man, tastier than Dr Pepper and more addictive than Crystal Meth.
(Man stranded in Sahara desert)

Shit i'm so dehydrated, fuck me is that an oasis?! Oh my - ... oh its only water. I can survive without it, i'd rather have some Fanta.
by FloraJane May 25, 2009
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