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text friendly abbreviation of the term fucking asshole.
(9:34:04 AM) CT: omg... I just spilled my oatmeal.... ahhh!!
(9:34:28 AM) GM: lol
(9:34:28 AM) CT: way to multi-task
(9:35:22 AM) GM: sigh......I wish I was there to laugh and mock.
(9:38:20 AM) CT: ur terrible...
(9:38:28 AM) CT: of course... only u...
(9:42:35 AM) CT: FAH
by Gordo Gecko October 02, 2012
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It is someone that is a loser or a fag. It is a misspelling like pwn is to own.
Did you see what zach molenda was wearing today?
That kid is such a fah.
by JPK56 June 26, 2009
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Stands for: "far away hottie"

it's someone that looks attractive far away.
but then near looks horrific.
anonymous1: wow, see that hot guy up there?!

anonymous2: YES! fah!

anonymous1: HOLY SHIT, he's coming closer!

anoymous2/anonymous1: HOLY SHIT---, IT'S A CHICK.
by AYENON October 04, 2009
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Fah - One man perfoming oral sex on another man while humming christmas carols i.e. Fah-la-la-la-la
Jim said to bob, "Merry fah-king christmas" with a wink
by uMadBrah December 13, 2013
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The Premier Squad-Up Klick brings to you, the elite coalition of Husla's, Pimps, and Balla's of the West Side of Seattle. Headquarters is located at "Tha Hot Spot" A.K.A. "Pili-Locos' Crib" Founders of F.A.H. consist of: Jerminator, Pili-Locos, Marioso, and G-Money (a.k.a Young Geezy) F.A.H. is furthermore copyrighted as of May 2006, all rights reserved by "Squad-Up Incorporated" ......FUCK-A-HOE!!!!
F.A.H. means Fuck-A-HOE!!! The premier Klick in the 206
by F.A.H. June 03, 2006
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Pornstarrish word for "Fuck" - they seem to be enjoying themselves so much that they do not know there is a CK on the end.
Oh my God, fah...
by lexiwrigglybop March 11, 2011
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