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Friday, About Fucking Time.

As opposed to, "TGIF", Which means Thank God It's Friday.

FAFT is a re-imagining of the TGIF term, because it is too soft a phrase and feels way to old and cheesy to say anymore.

When ur done a week's work, Friday's really have a strong motivational purpose. So when that day comes around, people are exhausted and just want to get home ASAP. They are fed up with working so many hours. So this phrase really brings out what we are all really thinking when it's Friday.
Wow!, FAFT!, I can finally go home and relax!
by DragonChi November 12, 2010
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A general term used to describe procrastinating in the broad sense. Also used to describe the act of doing very little or nothing at all.
"Stop fafting already and come over to my house."

"What are you and Tina up to?" "Not much, just sitting around fafting."

"What does Huss do all day?" "Nothing, he is the faft master."
by Cob September 28, 2012
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a beautiful, blonde haired blue eyed bright and vibrant girl she might as well be a golden godess
Madison is even a faft in her sweatpants and uggs.
by my movie August 21, 2007
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Adj. Fat Ass Fat Tits
Common variances include MAMT (medium) and NANT (no)
She got FAFT!

Ohhh she FAFTy

Kim KarFAFTian

Ima pass on that NANT, I got this FAFTy girl hittin me up!
by ELDtony November 25, 2011
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