"Flava Flav & the Funky Fresh"

--Made up of the six hugest mother fuckers in the West--
by slutface March 2, 2005
Fat, Forty, Female, and Fertile. The medical mnemonic for the classic gallstone patient. "Fertile" means 3+ children.
42 year-old fertile Myrtle (BMI 34, g5, p5) was a textbook F.F.F.F.
by gadflyonthewall October 3, 2018
Furry Furtistic Furfag Faggsy
Damn, that guy over here is an F.F.F.F!!!
Yikes man.
by who5daniel October 14, 2020
Find, finger, fuck, forget. A term used when men have pacts to fuck xxx amount of women as a challenge.

Or simply stating they don’t want a serious relationship with that said female.

1 : “ hey what’d you think about tonya last night ?”
2 : “ man she’s a F.F.F.F, she had a nice body but she was boring as fuck. As soon as i smashed i called the bitch an Uber. “
1 : “ Man they don’t usually go away that easy”
2 : “ yeah, this was an easy one.”
by AbadBit September 28, 2018