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F-Minus was a hardcore punk band formed in 1995 in Huntington Beach, California. Started by Jen Johnson and Brad Logan. F-Minus was known for their dueling male and female vocals in songs that were sometimes as short as 12 seconds ("Fuck You O.C."). One of their noted primary influences is Nausea, where the vocal stylings no doubt descend from. Before breaking up in 2004, their last album was recorded by Steve Albini. Throughout their career, they covered such bands as Antidote, Black Randy and the Metro Squad, Negative Approach, and Agnostic Front. Brad Logan currently runs his own record label Blacknoise, and is also member of the New York ska punk outfit Leftöver Crack. Jen Johnson currently is the designer and owner of clothing Label E.C. Star, and also is a member of the California band Ammunition Affair.

-Final Line Up-
Brad Logan- singer/guitarist
Erica Daking- singer/guitar
Joe Steinbrick- bass
Adam Zuckert- drums
Jen Johnson- singer/bass

-Former Members-
Sarah Lee- guitar
Chris Lagerborg- drums
John Guerra- drums
Jen Johnson- singer/bass
From F-Minus I personaly like the song White Collar Crimes , Negative Approach , Real Deal , Sweating Blood.
by MichaelFaller October 26, 2007
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