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Stands for Future Ho's of America. Some little 12-17 yr old girl who thinks dat she is da shiznit. She walks,talks,dresses and acts like an extrere Ho.
Hey dawg, look at that F H A over there. She is gonna be one fine ass ho in a couple of years.
by BILLY July 12, 2004
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Future Homemakers of America: No longer the FHA they now are FCCLA and are a Career and Technical Youth Organization dedicated to Family and Consumer Sciences.
1: Are you a FHA member?
2: No, I'm a Future Cooking and Cleaning Lady of America!
1: Oh, my bad.
by Teetown March 14, 2009
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FHA- future hoe of America

Or a girl of a younger age that is in training to become a hoe
Did you see Jenny she is such a FHA

Do you know what Sam told me. She said that Sarah is a FHA
by jdlowery August 21, 2014
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Stands for "From Henry's Ass." Used in the management consulting industry to make made-up statistics seem legitimate.
The low end estimates show this market growing from nothing to $17B within 3 years. (FHA)
by alfredbir February 17, 2011
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FHAS is an acronym for Forget Haters and Smile. Usually said by a friend or someone when getting Bullied in any form
Girl 1 - I am getting bullied
Girl 2 - girl, FHAS!! Don't let them get to you!
Girl 1 - thanks :)
by luverica13 August 11, 2011
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