3 definitions by scurvyseapup2

the way an athiest or non-believer can express with utmost certainty that they are telling some-one the truth (as far as they know it to be).
by scurvyseapup2 December 03, 2009
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F triple O H

Acronym for Aussie slang expression:
"Fuck off on outta' here"
Meaning to get out of here or get lost ...either referring to you yourself or to another person.
"Just wanted to let you know my shift is done and I'm about to F triple O H !"

"If he doesn't like the people here then he can F triple O H"
by scurvyseapup2 February 02, 2018
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Thanks for Fucking Nothing......... or with an Irish accent "Tanks for Fuckn' Nuttin"
"My dumb-ass sister announced to the whole family that I'd borrowed money off of our elderly parents..... "well, TFFN !!!!!!"

"you're telling me that I can pay by check but the cable service won't be reconnected for three days after the check clears"..........."well TFFN !!!!"
by scurvyseapup2 December 13, 2009
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