Facebook masochism. Torturing yourself by obsessively monitoring the page of someone you like, but who doesn't like you. This may also include visiting pages of their friends, family and co-wokers. F&M differs from stalking in that any information gained; seeing what they do, where they go, what's new, etc. only makes you more miserable because you aren't a part of it; yet you can't stop looking.
It's his fault I'm into F&M. He shouldn't have told me he liked me, slept with me and then never called me.
by Dirty Band-Aid September 11, 2010
the craziest most talked about school in CNY. known for the rich kids and their nice cars and some kick ass parties. made up of a lot of smarties and potheads. They enjoy blowing up toilits, making all the newspaper headlines and news channels. They got even more known when they made it on MTV pranks. sickkkk
Fayetteville Manlius fucking rules!!

bob: dude you going to that feild party some F-M kids r throwing?

billy: nah dude im going to the beer party the football teams throwing and then hitting up some other ones
FM student 1 : yo u driving your beamer today
Student 2 : no my dad just got me a lexus
by ohshitbaby May 16, 2006
Female or male. Shortening of the question "are you a male or female?" Commonly used in random chat sites.
You: F/m?

Them: male
by Orange Boi April 21, 2010
(F)emale or (M)ale ? -- when you tell someone something and at the end they have no clue about what you told them to diss them
-Did you go to the party last night? It was just amazing.
Unfotunatly, Sara & John didn't come.
-How did Sara dress up?
-f or m ?
by UnNamed1692 November 13, 2007
People say on chats to learn whether you are male or female. After this question, they may say 'Fuck You' or 'Suck Your Balls'.
<Stranger>fuck u!
by fake hazard August 16, 2009
This is a term for Mother F*cker or Mother F*ckin that can be slipped into any abreviated or slang phrase without offending the majority of the public.
I really need to know if you can attend this party A-S-A-M-F-P! Hey Johnny, Did you get that M Fin' car started yet? <> For the ultimate effect, add a G D before the M F to abreviate God D*mn Mother F*ckin for ultimate stress relief without offending. EX Hello, I'd like you to meet my G D to the M F boss Mr. Sucabut.
by goatofcolors October 6, 2006
Short term writing for male or female, usually used while chatting with strangers.
Stranger: m f?
You: I dont understand why people on here ask questions like that, it's so boring. You sound like a pedophile.

You have left the conversation.
by singingunicorn June 28, 2011