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A sudden discharge of yogurt from its container while opening the container lid. The force and amount of discharge is directly proportional to the altitude at which the container is being opened.
Marty and Maria are skiing at Loveland. They take a short break to eat in order to regain energy so that they can continue to shred until last chair. Marty decides to consume a yogurt. This happens next...

Marty: "Gah!"

Maria: "Ha! Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that yogurt pretty much explodes all over your face, clothing, and hair when you open the lid at this altitude."

Marty: "Next time, I'll aim it into my mouth."

Maria: "He he he. Eyogurlation. Never gets old."

Marty: "Funny. Now pass me the napkins."
by m_piet May 29, 2013
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