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the look you get from a fellow bro when you are seen with a broad you are about to score with. The look is a congratulatory glance, yet not so obvious as to just high-five right in front of the girl and potentially blow the hookup.
Joe saw us walking together and totally threw me an eye five. He knew what was up.
by THE Vegas Kid January 04, 2010
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wink to a person instead of the high five, in other words the use of the eye to depict this gesture that takes place between two people.
after the seemingly everlasting beef between jake and Thompson, the two finally "eye-fived" each other on their graduation day.
by nasirbi March 24, 2012
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The mutual simultaneous raising of the eyes across the room between two people. Signifying a mutual agreement/affirmation. Useful when the traditional high five is not pysically possible due to the two participants being separated by obstacles in the room.
Teagan and I were announced as the winners, so we eye fived each other across the table.
by Robbydoggy January 30, 2012
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