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Any anatomical feature so outstanding (be it for size, attractiveness or freakishness) that it commands one's attention at first glance and is difficult to not notice, double-take, stare-at or rubber-neck.
Woman: "What are you staring at?"
Man: "Come on; don't act like you don't know you're harboring eye magnets! You look like you're smuggling twins on the black market"
Woman: "Jerk."
Man: "Maybe later."
by Shandooga McGluckfeez November 03, 2010
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Anyone who looks either so appealing or so appalling that your eyes can't help but look at them more than you should. Staring should be done as discretely as possible unless you really feel like coming off as creepy to anyone who sees you.
A: It was kinda creepy that you wouldn't stop looking at her.
B: I couldn't help looking that eye magnet, she was soooo gorgeous!
by Eye Magnetism June 08, 2009
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