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EXTROPIANS are a type of transhumanist futurists. Generally they hold an optimistic view of the future, and espouse that technological breakthroughs - mostly in genetics and electronics, will cause human beings to become "more than human" or "better then human". They are often Randian Objectivists, or are libertarian, though not all. They are aligned with Secular Humanists and Skeptics Society as well. They got a lot of media attention during the 90s, for example, co-founder Max More and Tranhumanist artist Natasha Vita More graced the 2000 January cover of Wired Magazine and were darlings of the vastly emergent cyber culture. The term Extropy was coined by T.O. Morrow and Max More. Many Extropians are into Cryonics which means you pay to have your head or body frozen when you die in the hopes that science finds a way to reanimate you.
I went to an Uber- cool Extropian party, And everyone was so hip, so smart, and so techno savvy... but then they started talking about how they were saving their heads in vats of liquid nitrogen and I decided to lay off the vodka.
However, I did learn that Walt Disney did NOT have himself frozen, that was an urban legend.
by monkiki August 09, 2006
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