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Sometimes called "cryogenics," It is the amazing, severely underrated science of preserving legally dead people in a biologically alive state until nanotechnology permits reanimation. It can now be done without brain damage thanks to formula M22 cryoprotectant. To avoid power failures, they use a highly reliable, electricity-free liquid nitrogen system. they are legally and contractually required to keep all patients in storage until reanimation is possible. It can be paid for by life insurance benefaction. There are two options available, the whole-body and the neuro. the neuro is a head-only procedure for those who trust the regenerating medicine can regenerate the neck-down body. the benefits are more careful preservation of the brain and lower cost.
Ted Williams is a cryonics patient at Alcor. He chose the neuro option. Animation will be restored to him in the year 2046.
by Ballz To Da Wallz January 18, 2011
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The process in which a human body is drained of all fluids which is replaced with a chemical liquid, and frozen under extreme cold temperatures in order to preserve the body so in the future it can be brought back to life once the technology has been invented.

It has been suggested that mass accumulation of cryogenically frozen bodies will result in a worldwide epic zombie attack
Guy 1: Dude, Walt Disney used cryonics!
Guy2: Total urban legend
by tyrdzhtpm November 28, 2009
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