When hoes gon be hoes and act far beyond the acceptable levels of being "extra," they tap into a new realm which is known as "extricity."
Did you see the level of extricity displayed in the group of thirsty hoes over there?
by the real Allie B January 22, 2017
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When Sam mom ask her a question she didn't answer it because it was extric.
by deee glover April 6, 2016
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to release from an entanglement or dificult place.
Extricate your cranium from your anal cavity.

I cant extricate myself from these wires.
by Stephen Lang February 9, 2006
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Removing your head from inside your ass.
You just compared the person who disagreed with you on the internet to Hitler. I think you require a major cranial-anal extrication.
by betchitmoth June 21, 2011
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