A piece of shit card in clash royale that is extremely overpowered and only used by niggers. A person who is not as fat as niz. A nigger who chucks a fucking cleaver that can somehow target air and ground troops at the same fucking time.
The executioner is so fucking overpowered and deserves to be taken out of the game and lynched like a nigger.
by the master troll ud May 22, 2017
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A official who will execute (kill) a legally condemned person in a death sentence.
Queen Victoria was executed for her criminal acts. She had been killed by the executioner of the prison.
by done............... January 29, 2018
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Coined by Dalton McCorkle it is the act of tying up a girl and going to town on her while wearing a medieval executioner mask.
Last night Brie said she was horny and down for anything so I performed the executioner.
by Hugh Jorection August 31, 2017
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A group of individuals working as a team to execute goals while executing the competition at thesame time
The area Budweiser distributors quest to be competive in the market was quashed by the executionators.
by Charlie Smigo August 03, 2003
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A person who is professionally employed by a private or federal entity, whose job is to eliminate hispanics in large and profitable quantities.
Javier: I just nailed a Beaner executioner job with the Fed! 55k a year plus dental!

Jon: Wait, but you’re Mexican right?

Javier: So? It’s nothing personal, and the benefits are dope! Can’t wait to pop me some frijoleros!
by Hammer of Jesus May 02, 2019
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This is a sexual experience when you are having sex with a girl from behind and when you are about to cum you push her forward and blow your wad in the back of her head
by Riptorn3 July 03, 2009
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Having sex while making no noise whatsoever.
I was the silent executioner Saturday night. Slayed her while her grandparents were in the next room.
by Scarnon November 04, 2017
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