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When unintentionally exposed to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend.
“Yo, was that your ex at the party last night?”

“Yeah, total ex-posure dude, I had to split and smoke a fatty in the garage.”
by ex-posed dude April 10, 2014
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Unexpected encounters with your ex.
“I heard about this new show with a bunch of singles dating on a paradise island when their exes appear to mess things up.”

“Sounds like the ultimate ex-posure show.”

by MTVex April 10, 2014
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The most hated word of the freelance commercial artist. When a company offers no pay, but instead, “Lots of Exposure” You, as an artist, better make a run for it, because this is the most toxic BS anyone will ever feed you.
Artist: “So the commission will amount to about-“
Company Employee: “Oh, we won’t be paying you, but you’ll get LOTS of EXPOSURE!”
Artist: “K bye
by Squiddydoodles April 21, 2018
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That awkward moment when you’re having a good time and your ex appears out of nowhere to ruin it.
“Shit man, I was making out with Angelina at the Oscars when Jennifer came out of nowhere and eyeballed the crap out of me. Fuck, I hate ex-posure.”
by Brangelina April 24, 2014
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Running into your ex when you least expect it. Totally complicates things, especially when you’re on a paradise island with a bunch of hot guys.
“How did you feel when you were with Dan and Ricci came up on the beach?”

“I just felt like, shit, I’m so not up for ex-posure right now.”
by MTVex-Vicky April 24, 2014
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What you get when you expose yourself. Can be extremely and extremely bad. Sometimes at the same time.
"Oh dear lord! Hide your eyes girl, from this un-called for exposure!"
"I'm trying to Father, but the shining blossom of doom is attracting me with it's evil despatriations!"
"Dear lord!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 09, 2005
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