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A typo of the word 'own' in which the typist is typing on a Dvorak keyboard instead of the traditional QWERTY.

The words 'pwn' and 'pwned' became very popular "leet" ways of exclaiming how one has bested an opponent in some manner on the internet. This is due to the fact that 'pwn' is a typo of the word 'own' where the typist accidentally typed the letter 'p' instead of 'o' due to the 'p's placement to the right of the 'o' on the QWERTY keyboard.

Similarly, if one were to type the letter directly to the right of 'o' on a Dvorak keyboard, the resulting letter would be an 'e'. Thus the typo 'ewn' is born.

Most likely never an actual typo, rather a purposeful mistake used to make people ask the typist how they could have typed 'ewn' when they meant 'own' thus allowing the typist to go into an explanation as to why they use the Dvorak keyboard. This, in most cases, will make the Dvorak typist feel very smug and superior.
Dvorak typist: "Dude, I totally just ewned you!"

QWERTY typist: "own* ?? How the fuck do you hit e instead of o??? Newb

Dvorak typist: "Actually, it's because I use a Dvorak keyboard layout in which the e and o are right next to each other. This allows me to type much faster than people on the QWERTY keyboard"

QWERTY typist: "..."

Dvorak typist: :))))
by emerrraldscribble July 22, 2011
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