When you notice a certain ethnicity always have their fingers in many pies ie Media Channels, Literature Companies, Governments, Banks, The Film Industry, Porn, Music, etc.
"Hey Jon, ever notice how "*they* monopolise every facet of our country, I mean they own all the media channels for crying out loud! It's even illegal to criticise them!!"
"Every. Single. Time."
by goyimarmy March 2, 2022
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Used to draw attention to an obvious connection between those who share their ideology and agenda with the international banking cartel to brazen and overt attacks against the long term sustainability of civilisation.
Bill: I read an article by Joe Schlongberg discussing how your wife should be free to sleep with whoever she wants and you should just support her, no matter how many venereal diseases she contracts.
Harry: Every. Single. Time.
by Augustisimus December 3, 2020
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An ad hominem argument.

Used as an exclamation when you correctly guess another person's ethnicity/religion based on correlation of their statement with a widespread stereotype about ethnicity/religion.
Person A: Uncontrolled mass immigration is undoubtedly one of the greatest means of strengthening the nation.
Person B: *checking person A's ethnicity/religion and finding the expected result* I knew it! Every single time!
by siostranoc April 23, 2020
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