A beautiful bon stop worker with a huge imagination and makes sure everyone is smiling before she is. She has a lot of friends which means she is very popular and will always bring smiles to your faces
Wow everleigh has everything

She is an everleigh after all!
by Spongebob and me June 19, 2016
Everleigh— Ever Lasting Love.

Beautiful, smart, and outgoing. Has a contagious laugh and beautiful smile. Everleighs are definitely 1 in-a Million.
“She definitely looks like an Everleigh”
by mommya123 August 20, 2021
The cutest, sweetest girl ever. Daughter to Savannah LaBrant, and Tommy. Aswell as step-daughter to Cole LaBrant. She also has a sister named Posie. Everleigh Rose Soutas is a one of a kind girl who of you can get your hands on, your in luck. She’s a laughter magnet and loves by so many adoring fans!
Cortney: I love Everleigh Rose!
Regan: How couldn’t you?!
by stanningsavv May 23, 2019