Europe West.

1. adj. used to mean "of my region", if you're living in West Europe
2. Name of Online Servers located in Europe West
1. I'm the Best Player EUW
2. I have ping issues in EUW
by Waezio April 10, 2017
Wow, these servers are so EUW!
That guy is EUW!
by EUW Server Tech expert December 12, 2013
PRONOUNCED "YOU". An euwe is a group of Five or more disco balls
I need an Euwe for this 70's party I'm throwing
by F.P. McGee June 5, 2014
euw is another word for eww.

this is a term of disgust. :P
omfg, did that guy just crap in the trashcan?!

euw. :|
by liamlovesme. :) March 27, 2010