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A euphemism for fisting, the act of inserting an entire hand into a bodily orifice of a consenting adult partner. Can be used as either a noun to refer to the act, or as a verb. Derived from the shape a hand resembles when making a fist, i.e. a ball, and a used as a double entendre for the sport of the same name. Alternatively just handball in Europe.
As a noun: "Did Graeme tell you about how some girl asked him to give her the European handball last night?"
As a verb: "No! So did he end up European handballing her?"
Alternative: "Vee just call it 'handballing' in Europe"
by drunkram July 22, 2015
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the greatest sport of all time, played with great intensity and played to win.
only the great survive this battle on the court, and it takes some balls to survive this game.

theres a basket involved, and a goal where you throw the ball just to throw it at the goalie. yeaaah, whats better?
don't forget to take three really big steps during your dribbles!
"wow, look at that kid go! he can play european handball like a pro!"
by OysterBay HighSchool October 31, 2007
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