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When someone is hot in accordance to European fashion and ideals of beauty, but average or possibly unattractive by American standards.

The term originated in the Bay Area in late 2010, and typically applies to people who wear Armani or Calvin Klein (or both at once). Other attributes typically applied to the Euro-Hot individual is the wearing of a flat cap (brim-foward) and leaving the top two or three buttons of a long sleeve unbuttoned. It is not uncommon to see a Euro-Hot individual wearing a V-neck while using an unbuttoned long-sleeve (of the previously mentioned brands) as an overshirt/jacket. Their pants tend to be black jeans or tattered blue Rock and Republics, or white trousers. The pants will either be a baggy bootcut or slim. In terms of shoes the Euro-Hot will either wear Vans, or leather shoes that curl at the tip.

In terms of physical appearance the Euro-Hot individual will typically have a sharp, Mediterranean face with thick but not bushy eyebrows, though this is not always true. They tend to have short hair that is styled only in the very front of the hair.

The common conception of Euro-Hot may not actually be accurate of European standards of fashion and beauty, but rather what Americans believe Europeans look like based on pop culture.
Dominic looked quite Euro-Hot today. He wore a pink V-neck with a black cherry-blossom tree on it, and gelled his bangs to sweep his forehead in a wave-like fashion.
by Romeo Mak September 08, 2011
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Someone, man or woman, who is from a non-English speaking country in Europe and has an accent when speaking English that is perceived as attractive by an American.

Or, something about the way they look that is distinctively European which an American finds attractive.
"Oh my god, I love his Eurohot accent, I can't even listen to what he's saying."

"That girl had the most Eurohot body! No American chick looks like that!"

"He had the Eurohottest haircut! I've never seen anything so cute. Like, my stupid ex's hair could never do that hot little flip."
by Travix April 23, 2008
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