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To enhance the pleasure, mood, excitement or likeableness of something; such as a person, setting, activity, etc.

Related forms include euphoriated; euphoriation; euphoriatingly; euphoriator

Similar to the term "ameliorate".
Jim euphoriated the party by launching illegal Chinese fireworks of his roof

Stacy euphoriated Jenna by showing her comedic cat videos

Fred knew it was better just to listen to Grace, rather than try to euphoriate her

Nothing euphoriates heroine like doing it with meth

The euphoriation of the local park is quite impressive

Paul smiled euphoriatingly at his date
by Joe Noshow June 02, 2018
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1. To make pleasurable, desirable or satisfying

2. To enhance the enjoyment, thrill or fulfillment of something

(Similar to spice, or liven up)
"It's time to euphoriate this party with a barrel of cocaine!"
"Nothing euphoriates your cooking like a pound of sugar, salt and bacon grease... plus cocaine."
"I euphoriated my day by base jumping off of Mount Everest with a wingsuit and a loaded crack pipe"
"My treatment for cocaine addiction was much euphoriated by... recovery of course"
by Yolo Brahzooie June 09, 2018
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